Our Footprints

Our footprints as an organisation.
See where we went, who we met, and how we sought to engage and inspire.


Our footprints as an organisation.
See where we went, who we met, and how we sought to engage and inspire.


October 1

October 2018: start of the project

February 1

February 2019: #YoungEuropeans videos go live!

December 1

December 2019: publication of the “Stories for a sustainable future” storybook

October 1

October 2020: European Solidarity Corps’ funding start

March 1

April 2021: launch of the #MakeAPledge initiative

November 26

November 2021. Live concert with the Brussels Balkan Orchestra



Originally framed within DG Education, Youth, Sports, Culture (EAC), we are currently reaching out to other sections of the Commission and the European Institutions in general, and to international networks in society, science and culture.


European Footprints was invited to contribute to the PeaceJam PAN EU CONFERENCE: Giulia, Eveline, Katarzyna and Marii attended the 2020 online conference as speakers.

The World’s Largest Lesson

The European Footprints storybook, published in December 2019, is featured on the World’s Largest Lesson website.

SDG Watch Europe

The European Footprints initiative and storybook are featured on the SDG Watch Europe’s website.


International Colloquium Culture4Future

June 2019, Brussels

Maja was invited to participate as one of 30 young cultural professionals to discuss about the future of culture.

Goalkeepers event by the Gates Foundation

November 2019, New York

During Climate Week 2019, Giulia Marzetti was invited to attend the Goalkeepers event in New York: she shared experiences in the European Footprints’ project and in supporting the achievement of the SDGs.

Museums 2030 –
Sharing recipes for a better future

November 2019, Tartu

Eveline Seghers attended the 27th European Museum Conference organised by the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) in Estonia. This edition focused on the link between museums and sustainable development.

World Cleanup Day annual Conference 2020

January 2020, Tallin

After joining the organising team of the World Cleanup Day as mapping coordinator for Africa (2018), in 2020 Marii Valjataga attended the annual conference of the World Cleanup Day movement in Tallinn, Estonia and she assisted in running a workshop on waste mapping and brand audits.


make a pledge

April 2021, Brussels

In March 2021 we launched an open call for young people who care about sustainable development issues and are willing to share their journey to hopefully inspire others. Meet our ambassadors and find out which sustainable changes they are pledging to do in their lives or in their communities.


Live concert: A world music experience

November 2021, Brussels

We have joined forces with the Brussels Balkan Orchestra to organise a unique concert to call for peace, social inclusion and sustainable development at the Theatre Molière in Ixelles. A unique event where sustainable development meet music to wrap up aour year-long European Solidarity Project funded initiative! 

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