Our collaboration with the European Union institutions

Our project was set up in Brussels by a group of Blue Book trainees of the European Commission in October 2018 and our video first premiered at the farewell conference of the October 2018 Blue Book traineeship (18 February 2019) attended by 600 young professionals. Even now that none of the team members are trainees anymore, the connection with the European Institutions, both in terms of working collaborations and shared values, is an important part of our work.

In May 2019, Elena Carloni and Marii Valjataga, co-founders of the Initiative, participated at the Bangkok conference “ERASMUS+ Global Partnerships: Building Youth Coalitions” via a webinar on how to communicate the SDGs.

Regular collaboration with the Blue Book Traineeship programme and Staff volunteering team.

Just one year after we premiered our videos, our co-founder Maja was invited again to the farewell conference of the October 2019 Blue Book traineeship. This time she attended the conference as one of the main speakers and she presented the European Footprints initiative project to a new generation of trainees.

We continue our collaboration by regularly liaising with the European Commission’s traineeship programme (participation at events, outreach and information dissemination) and Commission’s internal Staff volunteering programme.

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