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No matter your level of sustainability- savviness (sustainability superstar, SDG explorer or even complete beginner), here you can find creative tools linked to sustainable development and all of the SDGs that you can think of.

Get inspired by projects and stories on sustainability from young people for young people, explore new topics and encourage others to make the difference for a better world! For each resource, you can find our targeted audience above the summary.

We believe that creativity and storytelling are the best way to foster a more sustainable world. We want to trigger a snowball effect in young people towards them having a more sustainable lifestyle and encourage others to do the same.
Our resources are aimed at different targets – ranging from school kids to young adults and professionals – and will help you think and get inspired to inspire others too, or make you become more conscious of your own importance in the fight for sustainability. Make the difference!
Jump in and become a part of our snowball effect.

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