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Part 5

Ready to start school and afterschool activities again?!

Meanwhile follow us on outdoor adventures with the kids…. It’s summer, it’s hot and Rome is quite empty. Our kids lack stimuli, and are often left to themselves suffering from the lack of adequate social and educational opportunities.

Sooo… we have thought of several entertaining things!

First thing’s first, send them to summer camyouth ps: 3 weeks of entirely free youth activities paid by the Roman municipality.

Kids drawing

Secondly, arranging for children to watch theatre shows, always for free, thanks to the engagement with the municipal theatre, which is part of the educational community network I was talking about last month. One of the shows “Parlami terra” (“Talk to me earth”) talked about the relationship with, and respect towards our environment. A nice and engaging chat with the audience at the end of the show has also enabled children to express their views and suggestions about what they saw!

And finally, “per concludere in bellezza” (“to nicely conclude”) as we would say in Italy, a fun trip to a swimming pool in the nearby neighborhood. As many of the kids do not know how to swim, it has been a fun, loud but also educating experience for both us and them. Thanks to the funding received this year, we managed to be fully refunded and therefore give the kids a day of entertainment they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Summer may not always be the fun, relaxing and enjoyable time of the year for all families and children… it is therefore important to support and enable access to the same learning opportunities also for disadvantaged kids.

We have in parallel also started summer homework support.

… Continue following our “back to after school” activities in the (not so) post pandemic world and discover our new project ideas and ways of engaging in the world of education, inclusion and equality!





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