Vegetation of all nations, unite!

Vegetation of all nations, unite!

Illustration inspired by the stories and participants of the European Footprints project

Artist: Vanesa Matošević (Croatia), 2021



From music to drawing, from storytelling to photography, Vanessa’s artwork celebrates the power of art to interpret, enhance and spread sustainability at all levels, perspectives, and experiences. It was displayed in Brussels on 26 November 2021, during the concert European Footprints presents The Brussels Balkan Orchestra + guests.

AGE: everyone

A note from the artist:
“Although it may sound cheesy, I truly believe that the little
things we do in life make the biggest difference. A small act
of kindness can really make someone’s day and in the same
way a small sustainable habit that everyone takes on can
make a huge difference in the world. Our actions can have a
tangible positive impact when we take a step back and think
about what we can do to help. In other words, we should stop
and smell the flowers every once in a while. They just might
surprise us.”

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